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About Us

We help international students with
organizational matters, foster contacts between international and German students and offer leisure time activities in and around Tübingen. Thus we want to help you to have a great experience in Tübingen!


During our office hours once a week we can assist you with any problems you may have. Especially in the beginning, you may need help with things such as matriculation, organization of your studies, getting your resident's permit, opening a bank account, finding health insurance, etc.

Even if we cannot answer one of your questions directly, we will definitely be able to find the right contact person for you.

If you don't have time to pass by in person (or if you're still in your home country) you can also just write an email to

The team



Morris Brodt
  • StudIT-member since September 2012
  • study subjects: History and Mathematics
  • interests: climbing, snowboarding, slacklining, windsurfing, listening to music, playing the guitar, movies, youth work, learning Spanish
  • languages German, English and French

Constantin Mauf

  • StudIT-member since September 2012
  • study subject: Theory of Literature and Culture
  • interests: reading, soccer, travelling, listening to music, playing cards, Donald Duck
  • spoken languages: German, English, French



Julia-Maria Göth

  • StudIT-member since June 2013.
  • study subjects: History and Italian
  • interests:
  • spoken languages: German, English, Italian, Latin
 Christine Hieke

  • StudIT-member since September 2012
  • study subjects: Cultural Sciences
  • interests: travelling, reading, going to the cinema, playing board games, chocolate
  • spoken languages: German, English, French

Teresa Müller

  • StudIT-member since October 2010
  • study subjects: English, French and Educational Science
  • stay abroad: assistant teacher in Reunion Island
  • interests: travelling, scuba diving, snowboard, cooking
  • spoken languages: German, English, French and a bit of Spanish


The idea behind the mentor program is that each international student, who is interested, is assigned a German mentor. The mentors are volunteers who are students at the University of Tübingen themselves. They are personal counselors who may help you with questions you may have in the beginning and with adjusting to your new environment. The mentor will try to show you what German culture and student life in Tübingen are like: you can go to parties together, on trips, to the movies or the theatre, cook together, do sports, etc.

HOWEVER: Neither international students nor mentors enter an obligatory relationship. This is NOT a live-in program! The point is rather to spend some time together, get to know different cultures, and to broaden one’s horizon, so that both profit from it.

If you would like to take part in our mentor program, please fill out our online registration form.
Note that registration for our mentor program starts in August if you come for the winter semester (October-February) and in March if you come for the summer semester (April-July).


Throughout the semester, StudIT offers a variety of activities to all students, for instance day or weekend trips, a pub crawl through the old city center, visits to museums, a monthly regulars' table etc. You will quickly meet many other international and German students.