Register for the Mentorship-Programme here.
For most of our activities, a registration is needed in order for us to coordinate better. For example there are only a limited number of seats available on a bus or we need to do some shopping beforehand.

If there are no free seat available anymore, you can still register your contact details and get a spot on the waiting list. If someone else cancels, we will contact you then as soon as possible.

Please note that your registration for an activity is a binding agreement and that we expect you to pay the stated fee.

The sign-up form is mostly in German. Please make sure you understand the conditions.

You need to pay the fee in ADVANCE!

When can I pay for the trips?
During our office hours.

If you are unable to come, please ask someone to come instead of you!
If you have not paid until a certain date, we will reutilize the available space for someone else!

If you are on the waiting list:

If there is any space available, we will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible!

How the registration process works
  • Choose the activity that you want to register for and click the icon.
  • Fill in your data. Make sure you enter your korrekt emailaddress.
  • You receive an email from us with a link inside. You need click this link to confirm your registration within 48hrs. (Check your spam-folder, too.)
  • Unconfirmed registrations will be automatically deleted after 48hrs.
  • It is not allowed to sign up others.
  • Come and see us to pay the fee for the activity.

Please contact us in case that there are any problems.