Skiing-weekend 16.-18.01.2015 at Oberstdorf and pre-meeting on 10th December!

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Finally: it’s winter ! (:   But where is all the snow?!??
To welcome the winter in a proper way, we’re heading to the most southern community in Germany: Oberstdorf !

And why?

Because Oberstdorf got everything we need for practicating wintersport: The famous alpine skiing region at Nebelhorn, Söllereck and Fellhorn / Kanzelwand.
Hereby the modern snowmaking system guaranties slopes full of snow – all together there are 130 km slopes that are waiting to be discovered!

If you are looking for a weekend with lots of fun and action in the snow, this is the best opportunity for you. On our ski-weekend we want to spend 3 wonderful days in one of Germany`s most famous ski regions in the south of Bayern.

Oberstdorf – beside it’s skiing areas – is e.g. also famous for it’s “Four Hills Tournament” in the discipline of ski jumping – this contest exists already since 1953 !

Besides skiing there will be lots of more activities for you: walking with torches through the snow, drinking “hot wine punch” and, for sure: celebrating the après-ski and and and.. !!! (:

 You haven’t been to an alpine skiing area yet and you’re not able to ski or snowboard yourself?
No problem!
Everybody can participate: for beginners there will be ski or snowboard-courses at a local professional ski-school directly in the skiing area, and you will be able to rent required material (ski / snowboard, boots, helmet), so everyone who wants to is able to join us on this trip!

Concerning the costs for this trip:

 In case you got your own equipment, the whole weekend will cost only 130€ !
Incuded are: bus from Tübingen to Oberstdorf and back, hostel and food, liftpass for 3 days

In case you need additionally equipment (ski / snowboard, boots, helmet) for the 3 days, the trip will cost 170€.

 In case you’re new on snow and want to learn to ski or snowboard from a teacher from the local skischool in a 2,5 days-skiing/snowboard-course, the trip will cost 230€.

Here aswell the liftpass and equipment needed for skiing / snowboarding is included!


To make it easier to plan for us, to share more information and to answer all open questions, there will be a

     pre-meeting on  Wednesday, 10th December

at 8 p.m. at Clubhaus in Wilhelmstr.,
where we will discuss all the details concerning the trip! (Please be on time!)

Aswell you should already register for the trip online, since we got only limited places:

At the pre-meeting, aswell as in every office hour on friday 12-2 p.m. until then, besides of gaining all neccessary information about the tip, you will be ablte to pay the fee for it aswell!

In case you want to join this trip but got no time to visit the pre-meeting, you should get all the information of a person that was at the meeting or step by at one of our office hours to get the information directly from us, so you will know all about the weekend and step by before 10.12. to pay the fee aswell.

 We’re looking forward to see you,