Swabian Dinner, Oct 30th

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Explore with us the culinary specialties of the Swabian cuisine.

Closing the eventful orientation weeks, we would like to invite you to an original Swabian dinner: "Linsen with Saitenwürstchen and Spätzle"! Non-alcoholic drinks and red wine will also be available and we are already curious how you will like this local dish! We are already looking forward to you!

When? Tuesday, October 30

Where? Schlatterhaus, Österbergstr. 2
Costs: 4 Euro

Registration: http://en.studit-tuebingen.de/aktivitaeten/registration

 Payment for the Swabian Dinner:

You can pay the fee for this activity at the following time:

Friday, 26th of October between 12a.m. and 2 p.m. at our office, Wilhelmstraße 9, room 116

Please make sure, that either you or one of your friends shows up at on of these dates to pay for theactivity . If you don`t show up and we don`t get a message we will give your place to the next person on the waiting list.
If you cant pay on that date, please wirte us a mail - this has to happen before friday 2 p.m., too!