Weekend in the Danube valley: program and information

posted May 19, 2010, 6:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 26, 2010, 3:27 AM by René Springmeier ]
Friday, June 11:
Train from Tübingen to Beuron in the morning
Hiking tour from Beuron to Hausen im Tal to our guesthouse (approx. 10 km)

Saturday, June 12:
Bus to Sigmaringen
Guided tour in the Castle of Sigmaringen and free time
Games (volleyball etc.)
BBQ/Dinner (depending on the weather)

Sunday, June 13:
Canoeing tour from Hausen im Tal to Sigmaringen (approx. 7 hours including breaks)
Train from Sigmaringen to Tübingen

Don't worry if you have university on Friday. There will be a group travelling on Friday afternoon directly from Tübingen to Hausen.
Because it's a relatively long distance to walk, please do not bring too much luggage with you and do carry it in a backpack!
Please wear suitable walking shoes for this trip.
In our motel, bed sheets can be rented or you can bring along your own sleeping bag.
The canoe trip will be on the river Danube. In case you cannot swim, please let us know in advance.
Your luggage will be transported by car to Sigmaringen, so your stuff is safe!
Please remember: This is an adventure trip and no sightseeing tour! :)